Hieronder, zijn er enkele getuigenissen van mijn klanten. Klik maar op hun namen om hun verhalen te lezen.

Eerst is Preeti Divgi.

Fred was my personal trainer for a few months earlier this year.

Great results for me; lost weight ( 9 kilos), 2 dress sizes and most importantly started enjoying working out and improving my condition and stamina!

And all thanks to Fred! He is not just a personal trainer for your physical fitness but a great coach for your mental strength as well. I have lost count of the number of things which I told him I cannot do ( cannot is NOT a word in his book.. BTW…speaking of books…yes, you will hate his imaginary rule book J ) ..and he encouraged and convinced me to do it…running without stopping for a stretch or jumping onto a park bench like a ninja warrior ( though I advise a word of caution…when you succeed, Fred breaks out into an Irish jig )!!

There are times you absolutely hate him as he pushes you hard..but the satisfaction of having achieved something at the end of it is fanastic! Another great aspect of training with Fred are his food tips..it was refreshing to train with someone who loves food himself. He has such wonderful tips on eating healthy..you can really make a lifestyle change which is not a crash diet..but something that you can keep for the rest of your life!

If you are not convinced by now to give him a call and set up a training schedule, here are 3 more reasons why you must; 1. He is ALWAYS cheerful ( no clue how he manages it..especially when you are cursing him to no end when he asks you for another push up), 2. He has always a different exercise routine planned for each session..I found this incredibly motivating as I hate the standard same set of gym exercises, 3. Last but not least…he is always on time.


Sabina Volkaert, 66.

Ik heb gedurende 3 maanden, 2 maal in de week met Fred getraind. Op deze 3 maanden heb ik veel meer bereikt dan de vele jaren fitness daarvoor.
In totaal heb ik 10 kg verloren en nu heb ik 8% minder vet!
Ik heb nu veel meer energie en levenslust. Ik kan terug gaan joggen en meedoen aan de groepslessen. Fred wist perfect hoe hij mijn oefeningen moest opbouwen. De vorderingen die ik bereikt heb, zijn alleen dankzij zijn kundig advies. Hij heeft me versteld laten staan dat ik mijn grenzen zover kon verleggen. Om mijn dagelijkse stressmomenten en emotionele beslommeringen eventjes opzij te kunnen zetten was de fitness met Fred een welkome inspanning geworden zodat ik daarna terug vol hernieuwde energie kon verder te gaan Duizend maal dank voor alles. Ik zal u missen.
Mijn dochter die u maar zeer kort ontmoet heeft was vooral onder de indruk van uw meelevendheid, vriendelijkheid en menselijkheid.


Andrea Kalinova, Manager, 27.

There were some moments that I wanted to kill Fred because the training was really hard but he absolutely knows what he's doing. He controlled what I've eaten as well and my body became fitter and I got much better condition in few weeks. He could motivate me that I wanted to train even though I wasn't in mood for it. Thanx! xxx


Albrecht Wauters, 40, radio presentator.

Eens de veertig voorbij en met een job die dagelijks veel van je eist begin je al snel de kleine mankementen van je lichaam te ervaren. Ik was niet langer tevreden over mijn gewicht en ook mijn conditie liet te wensen over. Ik wou wat meer dan de routine van de gym en zo kwam ik bij Fred terecht. De wekelijkse afspraken werden snel hoogtepunten in mijn week. Fred neemt je wensen heel serieus en zijn trainingen zijn op maat gemaakt en nooit voorspelbaar of eentonig. Geef Fred twee halters en hij maakt er vuur(werk) van. Ik kom telkens als herboren buiten en dat werpt vluchten af. Niet enkel qua gewicht (10 kilo kwijt is niet niks) maar ook mijn humeur ging erop vooruit. Hij is kordaat maar we hebben ook wat afgelachen. Zijn humeur en levensvisie zijn mede een stuk van zijn en jouw succes. Dus: niet twijfelen, maar doen! Dit is oertalent en een kei in zijn vak .


Sofie Proost, 28, mother of 2.

My name is Sofie, I am a mum of two lovely boys. I am 28 years old. I am sporty but I had pains in my back and had sometimes pain in my knee. I've been working with Fred a month. The training was hard, he always knew how to push my limits. In the beginning it was sometimes frustrating but after a week I already had some results. It was always a suprise what he had in store for me... I took his training during the winter so it was always inside, we only once had the opportunity (because of the weather) to do the workout outside... loved it though still difficult. I really liked it that I could go over my limits! The results are amazing my condition has never been so good. Even during my 13 years of playing basketball, my condition was never this good!!! Also my back feels much better, I don't have pains anymore whenever i get up in the morning. My legs are stronger so my knee feels better too. It was great to do the workouts with Fred, I allready miss it...but luckily there is bootcamp!!! ;-)


Giovanna Padula, 46, moeder van 2 kinderen uit Melbourne, Australia.

I have worked out with Fred for the last year, he is very inspirational.
His desire and perseverance with me has made me the person that I am today.
I was very unfit when I met him, I was so uninspired. But his constant happy personality, made me want to get up and go.
Our workouts were amazing, I felt so good afterwards, also his good advice in regard to healthy food was invaluable.
He also is varied in the type of exercise we do, jogging, walking, riding, weights, rock climbing, swimming, aerobics and boxing. These are all things that I loathed doing, but now, find myself waiting for the next session.
I have lost 17 kilos and 3 dress sizes!!! I have become more outgoing and confident.
Fred has made me enjoy exercising again, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His enthusiasm for life & exercise is contagious.

Joanna before Joanna after

Robert Benninga, 61, Top Performance Trainer, auteur en spreker bij mindpower.nl

I trained with Fred over the course of two months to help me lose weight. Fred devised a program of weights and cardio for me that we did once a week. I combined training with Fred and riding my bike on the weekends and this really shifted the weight. Fred was very helpful and easy to get on with. Treat your body to an overdue favor and try a session.

Gabriella Garcia, 40, verkoopsmanager en moeder uit de Verenigde Staten

I trained with Fred for awhile and he's a great trainer. He's very enthusiastic and full of positive energy. Working out with Fred made me fitter and lose the weight that I wanted. But most important was that I felt and feel so healthy and full of energy. I was too lazy to start on my own or even to go to the gym. He has also taught me how to swim properly and started jogging with me. Since then, I have enjoyed both swimming and jogging.

Gabriella Garcia

Ana, 42, manager uit de Verenigde Staten

I hate the gym but I needed to get in shape so I trained with Fred for about 3 months. He created a personal workout plan and accompanied it with great music. He gives you that push you need when you want to give up. I was happy with the results, lost inches to my waist, slim shaped my legs and had more energy. Definetly recommend to help you get in shape!

Ana G.