What do I get?

The Consultation:

Our first consultation is free. I get to find out who you are and what you want. It also allows you to meet me and see if I am the right fit for you.

During our consultation, we will measure your strength, fitness and flexibility. We will discuss what you want to achieve and set goals accordingly.

The Workouts:

Each workout is specifically designed to your needs and desires. The aim is to get the most out of your time while remaining enjoyable.

You can chose the time, location and frequency of your workouts to suit your deadlines, budget and busy schedule.

Regular monitoring of your progress allows you to track your achievements which builds belief and confidence.

What do you need?

Not much really. A pair of runners, sports clothes and a willingness to get fit.

I will provide the music, the equipment, the knowledge and the motivation.

The Benefits:

* a firmer body
* more energy in your day to day life
* better condition
* lose weight
* healthier living
* higher sports performance
* release stress and reduce depression

What's the cost?

I charge 60 euros for an individual hour or 500 euros for pre-booking 10 hours. As mentioned above, the consultation is absolutely free. See you soon.