About me

Read an interview on me, written by the talented Anneleen Eeckhaut.

With experience as a swimming teacher and lifeguard, a sports-mad family including olympic athletes and a background in swimming, fitness, football, marathon running, cycling, basketball, rock climbing and ultimate frisbee it might seem obvious that I ended up as a personal trainer but for ten years I worked as a computer programmer. The following is my story about my decision to make the change:

In December 2009, I was invited by the Luxembourg frisbee team to be part of their squad to take part in the World Ultimate Club Championship in Prague in June 2010. At the time I was 96 Kg and needed to lose weight to prevent injuring my knees in the run up to and during the championship.

The following 6 months saw a large increase in my sporting activities. Trips to the gym became a lot more regular, I started cycling to work (15Km each way), I started jogging again and I became more focused on my performances during training sessions with the frisbee teams.

Over the course of the next 6 months, I lost 15 Kg, gained muscle mass and became fitter, faster and more agile.

Not only this, but I felt more energetic, less stressed and more passionate for life.

I enjoyed the workouts. Each goal I set myself only encouraged me further once reached. Each Kg lost would spur me on to lose more weight.

The Luxembourg team kept track of everyone's workouts and their progress. This inspired me to train harder and more frequently. Everyone was encouraged to share workout routines, training thoughts and health tips with the rest of the team, which made it very social. Without this, I know I could not have achieved as much as I did.

Sharing my goals with the others gave my goals more meaning and gave me more determination to reach them. I realized that a lot of people just needed the extra incentive to help them lose weight, get fitter and feel better.

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After 10 years of working as a computer programmer, the sportsman inside me needed more. I felt I could offer more to the world as a personal trainer than as just another body behind a computer screen.

So far, I have met some incredible people, made some great friends and love every minute I spend as a personal trainer. I find the work extremely fulfilling and very rewarding.

Along the way, I have set up Antwerp Bootcamp. We meet 4 times a week and push each other to our limits. Check it out!

I am currently in training for the World Championships in Obstacle Course Running, which will take place in October in Cincinatti, Ohio. Wish me luck :)

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